China high quality F0NNA937AB Agricultural spare parts Lift Link Fork(L) with Free Design Custom

If you are looking for spare parts of farm tools Fork, this article is suitable for you. We have outlined some of the most common farm implements and described how to attach them to the tractor hitch. Read on to learn about the different types of lifting hooks and their uses. Then learn how to buy spare parts for farm tools. You’ll be glad you did it!
Attach the farm tool to the tractor hitch
Before correctly attaching the farm implement to the tractor hitch, make sure that the tractor has
Three point hitch. This type of hitch has a lower lift arm and a top link. Use a wrench to hold the upper link with the lower lift arm. Now it is time to back the tractor onto the right-hand pin and adjust the length of the top link to fit
One of the most common types of hitch for connecting farm implements to tractors is the three-point hitch. This hitch has 3 points similar to the letter A, which is why it is also called a “triangle” hitch. The position of the pointer on such a hitch shall be such that the tractor and agricultural implements can be connected by 1 operator. The implement hitch can consist of arms designed to mount different types of implements. The arm can be customized by having a stepped diameter to accommodate a coupling ball with a tapered through hole. The extension pins may also have transverse holes for receiving stops, spring clips, and retaining pins. Finally, the extension pin can be connected to other parts of the tractor lift hitch by cable or chain.
Common farm tools
Agricultural machinery, commonly known as farm tools, is an indispensable tool in the process of agricultural production. Its functions vary depending on the type of implement used. In the field, it is usually used to turn the topsoil, remove weeds and other plant debris, and prepare for planting. Agricultural machinery can be electrically, diesel, gasoline or hydraulically driven. It can be operated manually or with the help of a computer program.
The lift arm is a rigid rod with a ball joint attached to the front loader arm of the tractor. Hydraulic system for
Move the upper lift arms and raise the implements that are attached to them. Harry Ferguson has obtained a patent for the three-point suspension system, which includes various special machines and tools. Ferguson system has improved traction, safety and efficiency by installing farm tools instead of pulling farm tools, which has completely changed agriculture.
Farm tool with suspension device
Three point suspension device is very common in farm tools. They provide an upward and downward lift while preventing the implement from turning backward. Compression springs are also commonly used. They prevent the implement from rotating forward and transmit downward pressure to the tillage tool. In the farm tool shown in the figure. 2 and 3. The lifting hitch is composed of a support frame and a box girder toolbar.
The flexible system allows the three-point hitch to connect agricultural implements to the tractor. The compact structure of the system is especially suitable for tool bar machines lacking a rigid frame for anti pitching stabilizer and stress relief
Contact. Due to the short longitudinal dimension during normal operation, these implements are sometimes referred to as “short rack” implements. Compared with the traditional hitch, the farm tool with lifting hitch has many advantages. The three-point hitch is an important innovation for farmers because it simplifies the process of connecting machines to tractors. It also prevents the operator from having to leave the seat when hanging an implement. This hitch system was soon adopted by almost all tractors. Almost all tractors today have this function. A farm implement with a three-point hitch can work like part of a tractor.

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