China Standard 52-2038065 Agricultural spare parts 11T Pinion Shaft For MTZ Tractor with high quality

The pinion shaft has several important aspects, such as snap rings, bushings, and construction. Snap ring for
For example, it is responsible for distributing different loads in a larger area. On the other hand, the bushing is responsible for dispersing the load to a smaller area. Finally, the structure of the pinion shaft will determine the strength of the pinion shaft.
Snap ring 37, 38
To remove the pinion, unscrew the retaining bolt from the intermediate shaft (69). Slide the slip gear away from the clutch
And remove the input shaft assembly (17). Do not forget to remove the retainer (20). Pull out the rear bearing (25) and thrust washer (24) at the same time. Lift the reverse idler (20) and pinion shaft assembly (17) away from each other. Remove the split ring (10) and bushing (15) from the inside of the input shaft.
Next, install the input gear assembly into the front housing. Make sure that the shift rod is inserted into the hole closest to the input shaft retaining washer. Install the snap ring, spacer, and pinion shaft front bearing cup into the bore in the front housing. Install the support housing until it is 40 mm above the center housing. Then, lower the front housing until the first / reverse shift rod enters the hole.
Bushings 41, 42
The tractor has 2 bushings in the pinion shaft. Bushings 41 and 42 are located on both sides of the shaft. They are
Designed to support the shaft and allow the shaft to rotate freely. The bushing is made of plastic and can be used for thousands of hours. Typically, they are 1.175 inches in diameter. Bushings 41 and 42 are 0.5 inch larger than the diameter of the axle.
They are usually marked with the following terms: AR, ASM, DEG degree, FH flat head, GA gauge and HF hex flange. They shall be installed according to their respective specifications. When replacing bushings, always secure them with new clips. In addition, it is important to check the wiring of the pinion shaft. If it is damaged, replace the old one.
Automatic centering
When deciding on a new self-aligning pinion shaft, you should know that these special drives can meet the gear transmission needs of any tractor. Unlike standard gear sets, these gears have a proprietary self centering design and can be replaced quickly and easily. The tractor self centering 11T pinion shaft is a good choice for the following reasons. The automatic centering design allows you to center the gears in the transmission, reducing the risk of tire slipping. In addition, this function helps prevent the weight of the tractor from shifting to the tires, which means that if the tractor lands on a biting track, it will not lose control. Self centering pinion shaft is easy to install due to weight transfer. In addition, these drive shafts do not require any belts to hold them in place.
Pinion Shaft build
The pinion shaft of the tractor is part of the steering system and rotates with the front fork of the tractor. This axis is
It is supported by an upward arched upper arm eight. It carries the steering pinion and the gear. When the tractor moves in the opposite direction, the steering wheel must be rotated in the same direction as the tractor to move in the opposite direction. When the steering wheel is turned to the right or left, the wheels of the tractor will turn in the opposite direction to its movement.
The rear axle of the tractor is supported by 2 bearings, 1 at each end. These bearings are fixed to the tractor frame, while another bearing supports the downhill wheel. The pin passes through the tube into the shaft support. Then, the rear axle of the tractor is completed with the smallest rear wheel tread in a complete line. The tractor can be driven manually or through the mechanical power system.
Pinion Shaft application
The ISO 500 Series pinion shaft has been expanded from 5 splines to 20 splines, making it an ideal choice for high-power tractors. Pinion 16 of final drive 10 has 2 ends, a first end 58 and an opposite second end 60. The first end 58 supports the outer spline 62, which mates with the inner spline 64 in the right intermediate shaft 54. The pinion also has teeth 30.
Pinion 16 is a gear that has teeth on both ends. In this configuration, pinion 16 is engaged with an idler gear on the rear axle. The second end of pinion 16 also has teeth. These teeth limit the speed of the rear axle and the tractor. In contrast, the large tooth diameter of the pinion allows the cab to be placed at the rear of the tractor.

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